Hot BeveragesSmallLargeHot SandwichesBapBaguette
Coffee £1.00£1.30 Bacon & Egg or Mushroom£2.20£2.60
Tea £0.80£0.90 Sausage & Egg or Mushroom£2.20£2.60
Specialty Tea £1.00£1.10 Extra Filling£0.50
Latte£1.10£1.30 Cold SandwichesBapBaguette
Hot Chocolate £1.10£1.30Parma Ham and Stilton£2.20£2.60
Espresso£0.80£1.20Ham and Cheese£2.20£2.60
Tuna Mayonnaise£2.20£2.60
Chilled DrinksBacon, Brie and Cranberry£2.20£2.60
Italian Lemonadeper can£0.75Cheese and Onion£2.20£2.60
Fizzy Italian Orangeper can£0.75Prawn & Marie Rose Sauce£2.20£2.60
Italian Bitter Orangeper can£0.75Smoked Salmon Salad£2.20£2.60
Mineral Waterper can£0.75Chicken, Bacon & Mayonnaise£2.20£2.60
Spriteper can£0.60Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato£2.20£2.60
Diet Cokeper can£0.60Chicken Salad£2.20£2.60

Hot PanninisJacket Potatoes
Brie and Cranberry£2.60Tuna Mayonnaise£3.00
Bacon, Brie & Cranberry£2.60Mild Cheddar Cheese£3.00
Chicken, Bacon and Mayonnaise£2.60Prawn & Marie Rose Sauce£3.00
Bacon and Stilton£2.60Bacon and Cheese£3.00
Mozzarella, Tomato & Pesto£2.60Chicken, Bacon & Mayonnaise£3.00
Tuna & Mayonnaise£2.60
Parma Ham, Tomato & Cheese£2.60Hot SoupSmall CupLarge Cup
Chicken, Pesto & Mayonnaise£2.60Call for Flavours£1.00£1.50
Bacon and Cheese£2.60

We also have daily specials including Pasta, Omelettes , Paté and Salads.

Why not treat yourself to one of our delicious cakes?

In addition to the full menu below you can also advance order the following dishes for take out.

Savoury Dishes
Quiches / Paté / Lasagne
Cottage Pie and many more...

Cheesecakes / Tirimisu / Lemon Meringue / Apple Pie
Sticky Toffee Pudding and many more...

Please call Jason for more information.

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